Conquest of Paradise

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Good game on Polynesian empire-building, but not on an epic scale. Good simulation yet not too convoluted with rules overload as many GMT games seem to have. There is some luck in the island groups you can discover, but if that happens, then you just go and invade your neighbors' islands instead. Can be fiddly, but not as much as a typical hex-and-counter wargame. The designer is very active on the forums and helpful in answering rules questions. Bonus.


As reported, a pretty standard game of its genre--the exploration is nifty, but adds a non-trivial amount of luck to the game. It's fast and pleasant, but the theme is where this will really make or break it for you; I'm not terribly interested by the Polynesian trappings, so as it is I'm not terribly moved by CoP.


Overall, this would be a good grab if you wanted a 4X game in your collection. It's not anything ground breaking but it is easy to teach and plays smoothly. PROS -Everything from building up your forces, taking actions, and scoring points makes this a pretty easy to grok 4X game. The only exception to this might be rules for transit and movement which, with some more plays, would probably be a non-issue. -Combat is resolved very, very simply. -Ramps up considerably. CONS -Like a lot of 4X games, we were over an hour into the game before there was any direct conflict. This means there are several turns where you're simply building up and building up. -The luck of the draw with the A&C cards is kinda lame. House rule it to draw two, choose one? -I also didn't care for how the A&C cards' powers lasted for the whole game once revealed. -For such a huge board, there is a lot of dead space. Combine this with the fact that it's often hard to find room for all your chits and houses and it's kind of obnoxious. -25-point game end condition feels to me like the game overstays its welcome a bit. Shorten to 20-22?