Hill 218 looks just like any other hill on your map but High Command says it's important and it's your job to take it. Unfortunately the enemy has the same plan. The Battle for Hill 218 is an abstract strategy card game for two players taking 15 - 30 minutes to play. It's easy to learn but has a depth of strategy usually found only in games that take an hour or more to play. The deck box comes with everything needed to play: two army decks two pairs of Air Strikes the Hill 218 card and the rulebook. You begin play with the Hill 218 card in play and two face-up air strikes set off to the side of play. One side of the hill is your home base; the other is your opponent's. You win the game by occupying both bases; if neither player manages this the player with the most units remaining when all units and air strikes have been played wins.

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The Battle for Hill 218

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