Great Western Trail

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I like this game, but I don't love it.+ Fun theme+ Easy to learn - Runs too long- Turns are too similar- Gameplay doesn't evolve throughout the game enough - All the games I played, the winner was who got the hand size upgrade first It's a fun game, but not amazing.


This will be always be my top 5. While there are lots of minor rules, the strategies are quite clear. The modular building-laying mechanism, immediate rewards etc. The first game that I would want to drill on the combos.


Alexander Pfister's best rated game. Played twice and really enjoyed it, so have added this one to the collection. A long, but very enjoyable game.




Great deck building mechanism for a grander purpose. Makes you feel exactly like you are breeding those cows, herding them along and delivering them to market. All from the comfort of your chair. None of that hard riding real life affords.


Shit Cows is damned fun. need to play it more when Gloomhaven isn't taking over my life again.


Pretty good--the different moving parts intersect in reasonably satisfying ways, and there seems to be a genuine plurality of strategic options and a need to specialize. That said,the game is probably longer than it wants to be, and the player interaction is pretty nonexistent.


Turned Play - Race Finish Linear Board Movement Location Action Card Drafting - Deck Building - Hand Management Resource Purchase Tile Placement - Modular Board Parallel Area Control Victory Point Scoring Competitive Interference


[b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#C0C0C0]Sleeved[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b] [COLOR=#FFFFFF][b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#FF0000]Have Game Want Accessories[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b][/color] [COLOR=#ffffff][b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#000000]Want 3D buildings[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b][/color]


Great Euro that I want to play more. It has a fantastic mechanic where you place actions on the board instead of placing workers.


Don't think I'll do well enough at this to win, but more play is going to improve my performance. The specific things building do will be important to remember. In my second game another player and I both placed one particular building right near the end, only to then realise that it would leave us at least one card down for the delivery. I do better than I'd expected I would. Not entirely sure how, but I'm winning more than I lose.


I love the theme and the gameplay. A lot of depth to this one. Wish it played a little faster though.


Good game and would definitely play again. I think our single play was maybe hurt a little bit by playing with others who were quite a bit more experienced with the game, but it was fun nonetheless.


Probably the best all-around Euro in my collection.


8 on initial impressions after first play through. 9 after a dozen games. Mainly play 2 player. Had a couple of games with 3. I think it would play better with 3 or 4


Clever game with a lot of tough decisions. Unique mechanisms put together in a brilliant way. INCLUDED: Board Game Innovation Player Trays


Everything about this game just resonates with me! The many varieties of choices, the branching paths, the multitude of actions (neutral actions, private actions, auxiliary actions) and choices upon choices (which discs to vacate on your player board, which cattle to buy, when and how far to move your locomotive, whether to acquire and play objective cards, which workers to hire, which cattle to purchase, how fast or slow you move toward Kansas City…) and on and on! The complexity and variety of paths, options, actions, cards, and ways to point-scoring opportunities are what make this Eurogame so good. I really enjoy the theme, which comes through well and, again, just resonates with me. And as the cherry on top, all the artwork and iconography are well done and aid players in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. The only real downsides are the barriers to entry: it takes a lot to learn, and it takes a long time to play even a 2-player game. Although, the effort and playtime are absolutely worthwhile!


This game has A LOT going on. Fairly straight-forward as far as actions to choose from, but deciding what to do when can be quite the challenge. Have only played once, as a learning game, and the teacher won with 91, I finished 2nd with 66, while 3rd place was 43. I was somewhat handicapped because I forgot my glasses, which always sucks. Next time!!


The western theme is there. there are so many strategies to consider , Hazards, objectives, herds, trains and buildings. this game is so rich it has a lot of replay-ability. Because it is so good i am giving it a 10. I am awaiting eagerly the upcoming expansion. Highly recommended.


Options, options, options! So many meaningful choices to make. So many strategies to try. It all works.


8.3 / 2-4p Best 3 / 2016 / 75-150m / Overall 32 / Strategy 18 / 3.73 (2016 Ars Technica Pick, long game, Alexander Pfister)


Played this about a week ago. Enjoyed the game, although did terribly at it. The card drafting for the cows seemed to screw me over every trip. Different take on some previously used mechanisms, but not sure whether there is too much luck in the game or whether i was just a sour puss. Would like to play again. The first game did temper my immediate thoughts on owning a copy. There is a definite learning curve to the game that starts to unfold during the first game. Those that have previously played, or see the interconnections quickly, will do better. And im back to wanting to own a copy *sigh* Jan '17 Update - have my own copy and added this to my 10x10 list for the year. May 17 Update - Ok, several games in and this game is fantastic. There are many ways to mitigate your card drafting luck, through actions available. The variability in workers available, hazards & default building positions keeps the challenge fresh. Have even played it solo.


Has the 3 cloth bags. All cards sleeved.


Excellent game. A bit fiddly and hard to teach. I love it and will keep playing. Has potential to move up into my top 10.


Another mechanism buffet from Pfister (deckbuilding, rondel, set collection, etc.). Minimal player interaction through some minor blocking/taxing with buildings, and the oft-praised 'multiple paths to victory' feature, which in this particular game makes me wonder what game I'm supposed to be playing. I still find myself wanting to play it more than your average Euro. It's more fun than most MPS efficiency games, and it's popular so it gets played a lot. The expansion sucks, though.


Great game with that seems complicated at first glance but is really simple one you jump in.


Great Western Trail fails to live up to its lofty reputation. The worker tiles allow players to specialize in different aspects of the game; both the cowboys and engineers have clear utility in either cattle acquisition or railroad development, but the craftsman are very weak. Even without craftsman players can deploy large ammounts of buildings, since the other worker tiles have hugely superior income potential. Furthermore, the development of the map with various player buildings is mostly inconsequential. Since opponent buildings only ever offer auxiliary actions, I find myself travelling between my private buildings with the other player's buildings providing very low impact on my turn execution. The various mechanisms seem interesting on the surface, but when woven together are disappointingly ordinary.


In Germany


Really like this one. One of my fav games. Its a good mix of mechanisms :)


I enjoy the deckbuilding aspect as well as the board changing when new buildings are added.