Great Western Trail

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Excellent ...

by lasttruegypsy

Excellent game. A bit fiddly and hard to teach. I love it and will keep playing. Has potential to move up into my top 10.


Another me...

by Brent

Another mechanism buffet from Pfister (deckbuilding, rondel, set collection, etc.). Minimal player interaction through some minor blocking/taxing with buildings, and the oft-praised 'multiple paths to victory' feature, which in this particular game makes me wonder what game I'm supposed to be playing. I still find myself wanting to play it more than your average Euro. It's more fun than most MPS efficiency games, and it's popular so it gets played a lot. The expansion sucks, though.


Great game...

by Chitownsox

Great game with that seems complicated at first glance but is really simple one you jump in.


Great West...

by ekloff

Great Western Trail fails to live up to its lofty reputation. The worker tiles allow players to specialize in different aspects of the game; both the cowboys and engineers have clear utility in either cattle acquisition or railroad development, but the craftsman are very weak. Even without craftsman players can deploy large ammounts of buildings, since the other worker tiles have hugely superior income potential. Furthermore, the development of the map with various player buildings is mostly inconsequential. Since opponent buildings only ever offer auxiliary actions, I find myself travelling between my private buildings with the other player's buildings providing very low impact on my turn execution. The various mechanisms seem interesting on the surface, but when woven together are disappointingly ordinary.


In Germany...

by magicjavelin

In Germany


Really lik...

by Cooking_Meeple

Really like this one. One of my fav games. Its a good mix of mechanisms :)


I enjoy th...

by gkrieg

I enjoy the deckbuilding aspect as well as the board changing when new buildings are added.