The special thing about Aquaretto is that it is on one hand a separate game and on the other hand an expansion for Zooloretto.The combination of both leads to a bigger and more ambitious gameplay.In Aquaretto the players can find the typical gameplay of Zooloretto but also have to find new tactics to win the game.Each player is the owner of a water zoo. Each player tries to lure as many visitors as possible into his water zoo and earns points for the visitors that visit his zoo. To create a zoo that people want to visit, a player must collect animals. When a player?s water zoo is successful, he may want to expand it. When a player?s animal basins are full, he must place additional animals into his depot, which loses him points at game end. When a player makes skillful use of his coworkers, he can gain additional points. The player with most points wins.


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