Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time

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rating based on 1st game, which was allright.


It's...fine? For all the production that went into things like the gigantic rulebook on the heaviest paper stock ever there are strange decisions like tiny character pieces that are impossible to tell apart from a distance that all use the same color base. The explanation for what the possible dice rolls are spreads over three pages but doesn't exist in a summary anywhere. Also, WHY ISN'T THERE A REAL CLOCK HAND? It's hard to beat Forbidden Desert/Island for a cooperative game that's this basic.


I like dice but this was too simple and too punishing.


Very much a family puzzle game but the dice rolls for the professor can really screw you over. Very hard game which would normally peek my interest but there was just something about this that didn't grab me. I guess you can't enjoy them all. Perhaps another game is required.