Chicago Express

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se compran acciones de trenes y luego cualquiera puede agrandar la compañía, gana el que tenga mas plata en acciones al final.


A game played almost entirely above the board, and it develops into the best metagame around, and it becomes a sort of multiplayer Go/Chess match with infinite replayability despite its static setup. You can thank the auction for that. It is incredibly tactical in the best possible way: the game states changes in an instant-- and frequently. Act, react, plan, shift gears. Accidental kingmaking is a huge issue with new players due to the high level of opacity, but a game zips by in about 45 minutes, so getting it to the table is very easy. The rules are clean, and easy to explain in about 10 minutes. This is Winsome's masterpiece, and the other games that have developed on CE's ideas have just added complexity without giving players more interesting things to do.


Easy to teach, easy to play, hard to know what to bid. Really like this one.


Single play only


I think this is my new favourite 60 minutes-ish game that is just a bit of bite-sized fun. This probably beats out China in terms of favourites but I think China is more accessible to non-gamer types. 2009-09-28 - Bought


(8/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 6. I think playing more fully fleshed out train games has caused this to drop for me.