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Very clever game. The dice create variety from game to game and the cards create variety from game to game. Without knowledge of the cards, there is a lot of reading. I enjoy dice drafting and engine building, so this game works for me. INCLUDED: Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom


First couple games were fun. Then the game started feeling a bit Munchkin like in its length.


Both Lauraine and I, enjoyed playing this as its different enough to other games we already own. Most post here suggest its best as a two player game and that will suite us just fine. The aim of the game is to collect crystals, using a combination of dice rolls and card drafting.



signed. First released copy. Grand prize won in BGG contest.


My wife's favorite game. I think its a bit fiddly, but I still enjoy it. Love the drafting mechanic.


Great as a 2-player game. With 3 it is good as long as the players can trust each other and you can more or less take simultaneous turns. The cards in this game just interact in so many interesting ways. I can see playing this quite a few times without tiring of it. This game is all about the draft. Picking the cards and then seeing how you work with them, and refining that process. It's fantastic.


Very fun game, components are out of this world excellent. Wife loves this game. Will be playing it again soon.


2-4, 60m


A unique dice-drafting mechanic gives each player a different combination of actions in every round, which they can use to gather energy, crystals, and artifact cards to become the top wizard in all the land. Easy to learn and easy to teach. Seasons is a good game, but with a better set of cards, it could be a great game. Each card provides the controller with some sort of special ability, and there are combinations of cards that nearly eliminate the need for energy (resources), or combinations that severely restrict other players' abilities to play cards or abilities, which severely restricts their ability to actually enjoy the game. There is also an issue where some cards pay off over time, while others have abilities that don't matter when you get them. These problems would be fairly minor if the only cards you received were the ones that you chose in the draft at the beginning of the game, but there is also the possibility of gaining cards throughout the game, making it fairly common for one player to get hindered by drawing cards in the wrong order, or for a player to assemble a ridiculous combo without anyone being able to do anything about it. It doesn't always happen, but when it does the game can be miserable. The components in this game are amazing. The art is good, though I'm not a fan of the anime-like aesthetic, the dice are chunky, the cardboard counters are thick, and the box insert has a place for everything, even after the cards are sleeved,


It looks great, and offers a very enjoyable 2-player experience. - The drafting phase at the beginning is key to winning. This places players with less knowledge about the cards and combinations at a significant disadvantage. - Some events (end of round, end of season) are easy to forget. It is managable at 2P, but can imagine this would be an issue at higher player counts. - The scoring (crystal) track is a bit fiddly.


Each of Seasons' mechanics I like well enough on their own. Dice-drafting, card combos and the like are fun, but when combined for this game are lesser than the sum of their parts. The initial card-draft and assignment to the different years, while strategically pivotal, makes the remainder of the game scripted and less interesting. The numerous variants and cards will keep each play distinct, but as a whole Seasons fail to create a game worthy of so many sessions.


Card drafting game that seems a little more complicated than Fairy Tale. Wanted to play Fairy Tale before investing in this game, but I heard that it plays with 2 so much better. My SO doesn't seem to be too enamored with this one, so I think we'll give it a few more plays then see if anyone wants it in a trade.


(7/16) 8. (10/17) 8. A really great game that I always have this weird feeling that I won't enjoy as much as I always end up enjoying it after a game.