Crashlanding on an unexplored planet has its challenges. For starters, not all of your people wake up from stasis after the brutal impact. And then there’s the part about needing to explore the nearby sectors and create a habitable landing site for when your larger settlement ship arrives. Of course, working together would be most beneficial, but since it’s corporations coming to start up the new planet, it’s every corp for itself.

Lander is a strategic game for 2-4 players (more with the expansion) in which players must collect resources, expand their reach, upgrade their sectors, and otherwise find ways to complete missions for points before the game ends. There’s a lot of strategy to think about in regard to upgrading crew (or “downgrading” them), stealing resources from your rivals, and finding ways to out-hustle the others. Of course, events will either help or hinder your work on the planet and as you progress from a lowly crash survivor to a strong corporation, everything you do leads toward one thing: being ready for when the others arrive.

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