'Three times over three centuries people and the land will suffer for the sins of the powerful before the hero of royal blood appears, dressed in the armor of the ancient rulers, and settle down on the kings' throne to stop the anarchy and chaos...' This is what drives the 10 characters in the world of Prophecy. A fantasy world full of adventure, where you battle creatures and other characters in different terrain, increase your skills and learn spells at the five Guilds, acquire Items of a common and rare nature in the civilized spaces (or as rewards for defeating creatures). And the goal: to possess 4 of the 5 Artifacts that are guarded in the Astral Planes by terrifying creatures. Only then will you show the world that you are their rightful king! The game was originally produced in the Czech Republic, but this edition, with the help of the designer and at the behest of several gamers to speed up the game, has a graphic redesign, changed card text and a new Final Battle rule (the original Final Battle rule is now a variant).


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