5-Minute Dungeon

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Fun and fast co-op. Not much depth, just a fast tactical fun romp.


MATCH SYMBOLS, GO FAST. Plays 2, 4, and 5 very well, but I wouldn't recommend 3 because the cards:enemies ratio is off. It's just a ton of fun and the production is top notch in every facet. 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time for each play and it makes advancing through the bosses fun and tense without being exhausting.


...but not great either. I have yet to lose a game, which makes it feel much more like a time sink and much less of a fun challenge.


W/ Exp: Curses, KS Pack We've played and beaten so many different bosses in this deck, but we really have enjoyed it and it's an easy introductory game. Now that we've finally beaten the final boss, it's probably something we'll set aside and come back to down the road. Actually setting the game up takes longer than the game itself.


Great concept, but gets extremely hard if you have few people to play with.