5-Minute Dungeon

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Kickstarted!//////////////////////Loved it! Our group made it through Boss#7. But without Wizard's Time Stop, I doubt we could have made it past Boss #2.


A cooperative speed game! Neat! Works exactly the way it should. Who cares about the theme - all that matters is the slight twist on a speed game that changes things up just enough to make you care in a new way. What's life about if it's not finding reasons to care in a new way?


Won this through a contest put on by BoardGameStories.com. Received on 03/27/17. Artwork and graphic design is stellar! I've played this with kids and adults, and it's more fun with adults, honestly. Quick thinking and decision making works out well in this game, especially if you have a power that lets you pause time. The more people at the table, the better your chances of winning, even with the higher ranked dungeon bosses. Plus, you need to pass the door cards and mini-boss cards around between rounds, because the humor is lost during the game. Someone had a lot of fun creating this game!


Big Box with expansion


It's quick and inoffensive.


My wife really enjoyed this game. It is far less stressful than other real-time games we own (I'm looking at you ESCAPE!). The artwork is awesome but I feel like it may go largely unappreciated as gameplay sends cards flying off the board as quickly as they're drawn. We've only conquered a single dungeon but I am interested to see how 4 dungeons goes. One thing I don't like much is the need for each player to shuffle together 2 different player decks for 2-player games. I would much prefer just reducing the total number of dungeon cards and attacking it using the limited cards in 2 players' deck. This is a minor issue though. I'm still undecided as to whether I prefer card play over dice rolls with these types of games...




Fun and fast co-op. Not much depth, just a fast tactical fun romp.


MATCH SYMBOLS, GO FAST. Plays 2, 4, and 5 very well, but I wouldn't recommend 3 because the cards:enemies ratio is off. It's just a ton of fun and the production is top notch in every facet. 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time for each play and it makes advancing through the bosses fun and tense without being exhausting.


...but not great either. I have yet to lose a game, which makes it feel much more like a time sink and much less of a fun challenge.


W/ Exp: Curses, KS Pack We've played and beaten so many different bosses in this deck, but we really have enjoyed it and it's an easy introductory game. Now that we've finally beaten the final boss, it's probably something we'll set aside and come back to down the road. Actually setting the game up takes longer than the game itself.


Great concept, but gets extremely hard if you have few people to play with.