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by Wyrd

One of the early games designed for true-solo play, with neat art design, but ultimately feels kind of empty. Maybe so abstract is kind of a hindrance to solo-engagement? Doesn’t ever feel clear why you should bother caring while playing it or what the stakes are.


Purchased this on the IoS, and having played this a couple of times, I'm starting to like this game more and more. Probably best in the app, as the constant shuffling would become a nuisance after a while. Bought the physical game in a package deal, but don't see this one being played much.


Decent presentation but ultimately a dull game that pretty much plays itself. A huge letdown.


I played this a few times and didn't really get it. As I'm a person that assumes that +I+ have the problem, I give games second, third, fourth and more chances before I don't play them again -- which rarely happens. ;) This title grew on me. It's a tense and surreal experience, quite like dreaming... which is fitting. There are interesting decisions to make all along, and I love how the mechanics and card balance create tension throughout -- and can result in a royal butt-kicking, or a narrow victory over the forces of dream-land. There are several different ways to play Onirim, as expressed in three expansions to the game (all of which are included). This makes this a fantastic value which provides variety in gameplay for both two-player or solitaire gaming. This title provides a very high enjoyment to price ratio... thus I highly recommend Onirim!


Included this in my 2018 solo 10x10, though I'd played the iOS app quite a bit. I have different expansions in the dead-tree edition and find them just as enjoyable. It can be challenging, especially early on, but once you become familiar with the cards and the flow of the game, it turns into a pleasant time-waster. You can knock out several games in half an hour.


Tablet app, not physical boardgame




Best: 1 Time: 15 Min Weight: 1.57


Clever card game with fantastic art. Plays best with the first expansion. Challenging but fair.


Really fun solitaire game, I need to play more to get better since I don't think I've beat it yet


I have the digital version and it is disappointing. I won easily on my first play of it. The game play is not interesting. It seems like the difficulty is totally luck based.


1-2 player 15 minutes


Decent solo game, kinda bland looking. Would probably play it again. Box came with tons of expansions that add variety.


1-2, 15m


Solitaire game focused on set collection and risk/reward. The theme of escaping a dream world by finding the hidden doorways is extremely cool, and the game works well. The expansions look to make it even more interesting. I wish it had a bit more theme present in the mechanics of play.


Great for iOS.


I can see the potential, but requires too much shuffling for my tastes.


Onirim is a satisfying solo game. Managing risk and effectively using keys is crucial to success and gives the player a perfect dose of control over the otherwise random card drawing. Counting cards will go a long way to aiding victory, so stay away if that is a concern. The expansions add a sprinkle of variety to force strategic adaptations and add longevity to an already sound game.


Hard to win