Liberte covers the French Revolution from 1789, including the meeting of the Estates General, to Bonaparte's coup d'tat in 1799. Players fortunes rise and fall along with the groups that they choose to support. Clever (or devious) players might even decide to support different sides at the same time to help ensure their victory! In a time of trouble, any tactic may be considered acceptable, including sending rivals to face the guillotine. Just be certain that your characters aren't the next to be eliminated!

Speaking of characters, Liberte features an entire cast! From Marat to Robespierre, from Danton to Desmoulins, Libert allows each player the chance to determine the fate of every major player in the French Revolution. Some will hold sway over the masses, and others will meet their fate at the hands of the Radicals.

Liberte is played in four turns. In each turn there will be a variable number of rounds in which each player increases influence in one of three factions: the Royalists, the Moderates, and the Radicals. After each turn, an election will be held to determine which of the three groups forms the government. The player that best uses their characters to win election seats will find themselves one step closer to victory.

The Valley Games reprint of Liberte features beautiful new artwork, new player boards, and upgraded rules resulting from thousands of plays from Liberte's legions of fans. This is a game for people who love history, interaction, or just great games. This reprint will rectify the color issues of the original as well as implement a slight rules modification to eliminate the stagnancy of having 3 "1" cards all face up on the table to choose from. The cards will all be redone as actual portraits of the characters.

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