Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star

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If you're thinking about Xia, I would absolutely recommend this expansion.


Makes the game twice as good as it was before. I am still yet to play with the trade 'wheel' which was the one thing I thought the game needed more than anything else, but I think that I like it just fine without it. All the other things added (especially all the extra tiles) add enough variety and options as well as space between planets that would have been easy trade routes. I might be upgrading the whole of Xia to a 9 or higher if the next game goes as well as the last two. -------- This expansion has brought Xia alive for me. I always REALLY like it, but there was something missing. Embers opens Xia up to all the possibilities the first game promised to deliver. GREAT expansion.


This is nothing without the base game. Of course it isn't! It's just an expansion. But it brings the base play up to another level! It nearly doubles the map size, adds more npc, more things to dodge and crash into, adds ships to fly and ship augments/upgrades, to name a few things. Takes a really good game that Xia is, and makes it one of the best games I've ever played and own.