Idol Quest


Enter a Mysterious Land of 3D Adventure!
In the middle of a lake deep in a jungle, a centuries-old Idol sits atop an ancient tower. It’s a race to see who will be the first player to build a path across the lake and up the tower, seize the priceless Idol and escape to a waiting boat. But dangers lurk on every turn -- your opponent might block your escape route or steal the Idol from you -- or even bury your Explorer under a stone block!

The Strategy Game of Capture and Escape
Using a team of Explorers and an array of action cards, place blocks across the lake to create a 3D path to the top of the tower. With each roll of the die, your Explorers get closer to the Idol. If you draw the right card, you can leap ahead of the other players, steal an opponent’s card or send a player back to the start. But the game can change in a heartbeat -– your Explorers might be stranded on the shore or buried beneath a block -- so every move requires strategy and planning.

The first player to reach the top of the tower, capture the Idol and escape to a waiting boat wins.

Idol QuestTM is fast-paced fun for the entire family!


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