Ironclad is a cooperative space opera game for 1 to 3 players.

Ironclad's story driven campaign puts you in the far future of our world, in the midst of a Cosmic Cold War era between various galactic spanning factions like the Gaia Nova Federation, the Galactic Council etc.

Players are freelancers aboard the Ironclad, a powerful battleworn warship that defected from the Gaia Nova Federation Navy. They will be tasked with completing missions for various factions from smuggling and collecting bounties to destroying formidable battle space stations or taking part in massive space battles.

In Ironclad players collectively control the battleship through its vital Sections (Bridge, Weapons and Hangar) by assigning Heroes and follow a campaign of 10+ scenarios. Each scenario will feature certain points where players will be called to make a choice. These choices will have benefits and/or repercussions within the current game and also on future scenarios played. Thus, with each passing scenario the story unfolds according to the choices made by the players.

Players will have to make sure that their ship and her systems remain intact, while also paying attention to the Crew and their Morale. Ironclad is designed to provide players with a challenging game and a highly replayable campaign. Players may very well lose during the course of the campaign as they are learning the game. In order to emerge victorious, players will need to customize their Hero Roster and upgrade their Battleship according to the challenges they expect to face, as well as work together to overcome the dangers that lie ahead.

Each mission uses the modular hexagonal board pieces to set up the space sector where the scenario takes place. Players have to reach their goal (they may also attempt to discover secret objectives that might lie in-between). During their journey they will encounter threats ranging from other hostile ships (pirates, warmongers etc.), while braving cosmic anomalies (like solar flares or black holes).

Ironclad features:

  • Narrative driven campaign with missions that will provide players with over 15 hours of content.
  • Hexagon based modular map tiles representing space stations, planets, cosmic events and the vastness of space.
  • A.I. controlled threats and events (enemy ships and cosmic events)
  • Customizable and upgradeable Battleship.
  • A variety of unique Heroes to choose from for each scenario.

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