Black Friday

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SECOND UPDATE: The rules to this have been corrected (Thanks, Jay!) and now provide the ability to have the experience the designer had intended. Certainly not a bad game, but it is filled with a high degree of micro-managerial tasks -- which a checklist or flowchart should help solve. UPDATE FOLLOWING PUBLICATION: The rules are miserable. There have been changes since the prototype, and at present, trying to divine the intent of the designer is impossible. This will remain unplayed and trade fodder if that doesn't change. INITIAL TAKE ON PROTOTYPE: An interesting take on open auction markets. It's a prototype, so the fact that it's a bit flat isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a little dry also. Not MANY choices to make, but some. Mainly attempting to seed the future market through decisions made at present (reminds me a little of Power Grid, no surprise). Interestingly enough, this also reminded me of Age of Steam (cube setup and cube draw) and 18XX games (vertical and horizontal market pricing table). I certainly cannot blame him, as those mechanisms lend themselves well to this particular application. I think the use of these mechanics is an excellent choice. Markets tend to be deathly dull... but with that said, I have faith that Friedemann Friese is capable of making this an exciting game with further revision. It's certainly a great first-cut at a stock market / open auction game.


First play was good. There is potential for this game to go up or down. I found the flow slightly fiddley. I guess we played correctly, but the transfers and holding back of black cases seemed strained. The market is basically programmed to climb, plateau and then crash. Certainly there is room for wild variations, but on average it seems like this arc is predestined. So you need to ride the stocks up, hop out at the top of the bubble and buy silver whenever you can. I don't see how I would try anything much different from game to game - which makes me question how much staying power this game might have for me. UPDATE: After my second play my rating drops from 7 to 6. The game is more of an event. While you do get to make meaningful decisions, the chaos of what the other players do combined with the luck of the draw form a huge variance. I am not convinced its a good exchange of effort for payoff..


This is an interesting game. The rules are fairly complicated, the art is boring, and the game is fiddly, but it was still enjoyable figuring it out.


Stock market manipulation that is not fun.