Food Chain Magnate

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w/ foamcore insert, sleeved


8.3 / 2-5p Best 3-4 / Strategy 18 / Overall 33 / 120-240m / 4.21 (Recommended on Reddit, long game, expensive $80+)


Has small wooden poker chips and a wooden insert.


If Cosmic Encounter birthed me into modern gaming in general, then Food Chain Magnate was my baptism. Acted as a marked step up in complexity and engagement compared to many other things I had been playing. An incredibly tense, cutthroat game that demands a lot from its players in every stage of the game, including the set up phases. Nothing in my library stands next to FCM, even other Splotters, and nothing digs itself into my brain the way this does. An economic and logistics wonder, I fear I will be chasing a successor forever.


Enjoyed our first game of FCM. I really like the first two rounds when Milestones are being bought up. Looking forward to trying it again now that I have an idea of some of the different paths you can take.


Splotter's take on the Euro engine builder. Predictably ingenious and brutal with a metagame built right in as to which employees your opponents will play each turn. The game drags at higher player counts, 4p is kind of the edge of tolerance. It becomes a grind at 5p (this really doesn't need to be a 4-hour game), but 2p is zippy and brutal and fun.


Great, thematic, and brutal mechanics, but unbelievably stressful. Maybe not in a way I enjoy.


Such a cool simple concept with such deep strategy. very unforgiving to inexperienced players.


Needs. More. Plays.


fun but not as fun as TGZ or Bus and more interested to try Indonesia or play Antiquity if I want to play a 4 hour game


So excited to own a Splotter game. I have played two games thus far and think this might be one the best games I own. Viciously cut-throat but boy is it a joy to play.


I really, really want a Splotter game in my collection and I don't think I can wait on Antiquity or Indonesia to have reprints. I'm not a huge fan of the theme, but I'm not against it either. Decisions decisions...


Theme/Art: The theme is great, running a fast food chain is pretty unique and fun. The art is not the best I have ever seen (the map looks pretty bland and boring), but the card designs fit the theme well. Production quality: Very solid. The game consists of a lot of cards (which feel nice), cardboard tiles and tokens, and wooden resources. Replayability: The map is set up randomly, which makes every game different. The secret bank cards determine the length of the game, and you can go for quite a few strategies with the amount of different employees and milestones. Depth/Difficulty: It's not a difficult game, it's actually quite easy and straight forward, but you have to know what you are doing and keep track of your components and adapt to their plays. I weight it 4/5 Strategy: You need to know what you are doing, what you are going for, and how you will prevent your opponents from interfering with your plans. I also strongly advise that you play with people of equal skill, because this game is VERY unforgiving. If nobody knows what they are doing it should be fine, if everybody knows the game, it should also be fine, but if one knows if and the others don't there is no way they can win, because at first you don't realise how important milestones are and how quickly you can change where all the people on the map eat. Luck: Basically none, aside from the randomly generated map. Food Chain Magnate takes about 1 hour per player and is an absolutely fantastic game. I love how you have to create your own market by advertising goods, only to find out another player sells the same for a lower price and you are unable to sell your burgers.


(12/16) 8. Wonderful but brutal, punishing game. Seems to be many different avenues for winning, but if you're behind in the endgame, you're done. Very heavy but easy to understand and intuitive (mostly) For what it is, it moves pretty quickly. I don't think the production is as poor as some have complained. (10/17) 8. My first of now 3 played Splotters. There's charm to have scaled back and pure and unique and brutal their games often are.