Snow Tails

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by paka

Just as I thought. Race-game which I like.


played with my mom... 72 years old lady , who simply love it


Really innovative and clever race system. Sadly, it is a bit prone to both luck of the draw and is very computational--but nonetheless a very solid game.


A unique game of those I've played (I don't think there's any other race games in my recent play list apart from Jamaica and that's not solely a position based win) and one that I expect to do well on in the future. Cards in hand will be a big factor on occasion though.


I got this in a trade and I have played it once. This is my first race game so I don't have anything to compare it to. Having said that, I love the variability of the track options and the steering mechanisms. I look forward to more races.


Cute racing game that cleverly uses a simple card-playing mechanic to alter speed, direction, and braking. Luck of the draw dictates who the winner will be.


one of the best racing games ......


This is a racing game with a very unique system to steer the sled. I really enjoy this game. I know I wanted it after watching some people play it for 5 to 10 minutes. It is a really good game.


Probably my favorite race game.


Have only played twice but very keen to play again


Race game in which the speed and turning radius of your vehicle is manipulated by a limited set of cards, becoming even more limited if you happen to make mistakes. It's quick and the tracks are customizable, so it's fun for some quick racing (more players are preferable).