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Take an uninspired tableau-builder unworthy of its theme, and add a bizarre take-that element that actively discourages you from using it. Unimpressed.


Excellent game, but don't try to take Andy's Jungle Themed card!


A strangely satisfying game.


There's just something about the tableau-building in this game that just clicks for me and makes playing this a very enjoyable experience. Easily my favorite game of all time.


W/ Exp: ABDW W/ Promo: Kickstarter cards (#1 and #2), Secret Base and Lockers My girlfriend's favorite game, and we plan on getting the expansion when the time comes. As a two-player game, we try to stay away from being too overly mean and aim for high scoring points. It's a ton of fun!


I playtested this at Bordercon 2016 and it'll be an immediate buy for me when it comes out. It's colourful, challenging, has a bit of "take that", and is engaging throughout the duration of the game. There is little downtime and a nice sense of progression through early game development of your fairground, mid-game building, and late game "here we go" to see who can triumph with the best theme park. For 4 people, learning the rules, overall we took 2 hrs to play, so expect 1-1.5 hrs after a couple of play throughs. At no time did we ever feel that the game was dragging on. There is plenty of humour throughout the game and great attention to detail in flavortext and subtle jokes. Expect some rule variants in the published game that will make it playable for as young as 9. Fun: 10 Brain Burning: 3 Complexity: 5 Engaging (Time between turns. High score is lower downtime): 7 AP Potential: 5 Puzzliness: 4 Variability: 9 Who Playing With Importance: 1 Filler (0) vs Full (10): 9 Paths to Victory (0 Few, 10 Many): 7 Play Complexity: 6 Rules Complexity: 7 Direct Interaction (0 Low, 10 High): 6 Indirect Interactn (0 Low, 10 High): 5 RATINGS: My First Play: 10 Multiple Plays: tbc OVERALL RATINGS FOR: Play with Kids: 7 (10 with variant rules) Play with Kids & Adults: 7 (10 with variant rules) Play with New/Low Key: 8 Play with Larger Group (Max 5): 10 Play with 2 players: 9 Play with My Parents: 7 Play with 'Gamers': 10