The single print run Kickstarter gameplay exclusive expansion, Hound of Tindalos, was offered in Richard Luong's art book Kickstarter as an add-on.

"Sandy Petersen has been gracious enough to allow me to offer an Exclusive Hound of Tindalos Expansion for Cthulhu Wars! Each 80 mm miniature will come with a loyalty card designed by Sandy. Jo Brumby of Fenris Games has collaborated with me to design an amazing Sculpt showing the Hound emerging from a 90 degree angle. This will be an extremely limited run and will be a highly sought-after collectors item... I hope. :)" Richard Luong

Gameplay Features:

To Acquire: Pay 2 Doom and 2 Power to acquire the monster loyalty card. Then place the Hound at one of your controlled gates.
Cost: 4 power to summon

Combat: 4

Movement: Move one unit at its normal movement cost, then teleport the Hound for a cost of "0" to any gate of his choice.

Special: Cannot be killed unless it is pained into an area without a gate or the gate in its current area is removed by a faction ability and/or spell book.

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Cthulhu Wars: Hound of Tindalos

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