Things look hopeless ! Dateline-America: The nation is in turmoil. Cities are being crushed. Historic landmarks are getting pulverized. The armed forces are fighting back as 8 great monsters ravage America. Each player controls one giant monster and one branch of the armed services. As a monster, you want to destroy cities in America. The more cities you crush, the mightier you become. As a military commander, you want to protect cities from other player's monsters, or better yet, capture a monster and send it to Hollywood where it will star in B movies until it breaks free. After 20 cities are demolished, the "monster challenge" is made. Contents include -- 2 game boards, 23 plastic playing pieces, $70 billion in script, 10 monster and 105 game markers, 40 playing cards, 4 armed forces cards, 2 dice and 6 monster plastic stands.

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Monsters Ravage America

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