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Best: 4-5 Time: 60 Min Weight: 2.29


The best pure negotiation game. Everyone will leave the table feeling brilliant. I have never had a bad session of this.



Chinatown is a super fabulous game about the bare essence of business and negotiation. Chinatown is a prime example of the technical term of "game theory" and waging the decision making questions: What happens if I take this action or make this offer, then what are the consequence? How will the other player react? Chinatown is a great game of the high mindedness of negotiation. Warning: do not play with "sensitive" players that could easily feel cheated during the negotiation play. As of this commentary, the game is not in stock, but is expected to be in print in 2018. Check the publishers website. Beware of the high prices and fakes in the secondary market.


by klz

Pretty decent trading game with a crowd who likes to trade quickly and freely. If any players analyze the trades too heavily, though, it can fall flat.


Only one play but I like it very much. Lots of wheelin' and dealin' and I like it better than Traders of Genoa. I am not good at negotiation but I do enjoy it. This game manages to pack the negotiation wallop into a nice 60-75 minute game that is loads of fun. 2016-07-05 - Bought Amazon 2016-07-23 - Rating 7 -> 8; it *really* needs the right crowd. 2016-08-21 - My 9yo nephew loves this game; 8 -> 8.5


So much wheeling and dealing. A great little negotiation game with no rules.


A notable exception to my dislike for negotiation-heavy games. Chinatown is the game I desperately wanted Monopoly to be; a mix of chance, positioning, and bartering. The negotiation side of things is prone to math-iness, since players can more or less figure out the value of another properties, which is my biggest complaint. Chinatown doesn't have anything revolutionary in the box, but its a near bulls-eye.