The Resistance: Avalon

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Really like this game, the art is nice and I like the variability of the powers that allows you to tweak the balance depending on player count. Probably not quite worth getting if you already have the resistance but I think the better one to get if you don't.


One of the best big group games you can get, the extra roles within this game all add to the experience rather than take away from it and make it all the more interesting


Though I have this game, and like to play this as well. I record all my plays of this game under the original game The Resistance. They are interchangable to me.


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Pretty fun game where you actually have to be really good at acting so people don't know who you really are.


Merlin is pretty cool.



Absolutely fun, every time. Lying is so much fun and there are always those moments that are remembered when you screwed over the good guys. Edit: Becoming a bit more of a chore and tiresome to play. Still enjoy, but my rating has dropped.


On the one hand, the theming is kinda weird (with all due apologies to Messrs. Laget and Cathala, the Arthurian legends are not characterized by betrayal from within apart from Lancelot)--but the roles change things in potentially interesting ways. I'm not 100% sold on Merlin et al, but the roles beat the pants off the execrable Plot cards from the base version. So... kinda the definitive version?


5-10 Best With 7/9


0.5 xx


My go-to game for any group 6+. Its so simple, but its just so much fun.




The Resistance, with some additions. I've only played with Merlin/Assassin added in so I don't know what the other roles do, but I think I'd be more inclined to pick this up than normal Resistance due to the theme. 2015: Playing with more of the roles leads me to think that most aren't really that worthwhile. The Merlin/Assassin pairing does change the game enough to be almost automatic when players all know the game.


Not as fun without plot cards.


July 2019 $8


Finally got the chance to play this last night with groups of 6 and 8. It was so much fun! I have a feeling that now that our group has finally gotten around to breaking this in, it will be requested to play much more often. I was so, so wrong. Party/social games are not for us or our friends.


I love this game! I have never played a game more (played before I started logging Plays), and I never get tired of it.


Simple, elegant, and FUN. Unfortunately, it's dependent on you having a group who gets into this type of game.


We did not enjoy The Resistance, in any of its forms. Social deduction is not our thing. Play was very obvious. No real decisions, mechanically. Only lying to each other.


Plenty of accusations of who is a traitor always a fun time.


Hasn't been a huge hit for me, but I need to play it more to be certain.


July 2013 - An end of the evening wind down, with a large number of players this hits the right spot. Taking an already good mechanic and makes it better. Having the option of varied characters to tweak one side or another enables the game to be tweaked to the players. One negative point is that to get the most from the game it relies on a vocal player base.


Lots of strategy and counter strategy. It has quite simple rules, but knowledge of the standard strategies seems to be key to winning.


With the right group of friends, it is extremely fun to play. Like werewolf (but with a purpose?) and nobody is ever eliminating and sitting around.


This one is fun, but only with the right people. Social deduction is not fun for everyone. When it works, it really works though....but when it fails it fails hard.


Very fun game, especially in the right group. Played at work and everyone loved it. Tried bringing it out at my birthday and there were a few non-gamers in the group and it didn't shine as much for them. Would play again without thinking twice.


One of my favourite games. Prefer the theme of this one than The Resistance.


Very entertaining social interaction game for groups of 5 - 10. Played it with a group of 9 - 10 comprised of gamers and non-gamers. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. (There might have been one or two hardcore gamers who ended up playing this "party game" only because no one else was playing anything else and didn't really enjoy themselves that much. Everyone else had a great time.) Played three times in a row and the "bad guys" won every time. Fortunately there are variants which are supposed to improve the odds for one side or the other, depending on the group's needs.


Much better than Resistance, gave my copy of resistance to my brother. 1/3/18: secret hitler scratches the social deduction itch for me and is a better game. This has gone to the wayside.


I want to love this game. In the right group it could be great, but it often falls flat on its face. It's too easy to 'figure out' and ousting Merlin is way too easy at lower counts. I'd imagine the game improves toward the 9-10 player, but its hard to muster more than 6 players (and its pretty horrible at the 5-6 player count). If you can't consistently play with 8+ players, go with werewolf instead, or just play Secret Hitler regardless of how many friends you have.


good, not great




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