Camel Up

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Alex owns.


Camels and bidding, what more can you ask for.


This game is a blast with group! The simple actions make teaching a breeze and the randomness of the gameplay keeps players engaged until the very end. I highly recommend this as a party game staple!


Pure, joyous fun. With the right crowd, few games can top the experience this game exudes.


Excellent family game. Everyone loves it, and the betting aspect keeps my interest. Big upsets and major underdog victories make this quite fun. The rules are accessible to kids (with a bit of parental help)


Game seems hard to learn (several types of begs) for how automatic it seems. I guess whoever played the game most wins?


2-8 players (best 4-5) 20-30 minutes


A fun, light family game. Very luck dependent and very different from our standard fair. The dice dropping pyramid is really fun and the wooden camel meeples are much bigger than we expected.


The movement mechanics are unique and fun to adapt to, and lead to very swingy gameplay, which in a betting game is great. However, anyone with an understanding of probability will simply take actions with the highest expected value, and sit back and see how the game pans out. And due to the limited actions and scoring methods in the game, determining the optimal move is very easy. This is much more of a show than a game, but its a decent show.


$39.99 23-May-16 Happy Birthday to Me!


(7/16) 6. Game tends to go over pretty darn well with new player and I do like it, it's very unique and clever...I just don't think I'm super excited to play it very soon again. Reddit Trade (9/17) Drop to 5. A well made, beautiful game that I'm just a little indifferent to.


Feels a little dry and mechanical to start with, but the tension is quite gripping in the final round. It's a quick little game (30 mins with 5 players). I would definitely play again.