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A really fun hidden role game where you are trying to identify your team members and give them cards with higher point values. The hippie role has the objective of of trying to get the least amount of points. Because everyone is constantly switching roles you have to really focus on what everyone has and maintain flexibility in your strategy.


Enjoyable social deduction game with high-quality components and a bit more depth than other popular games of this type.




Fell flat with our casual gamers (family) group. Apparently people find it hard to follow who is who, which makes it very random. Did surprisingly well in our "gamers" group, where people got very deep into deducing and influencing the roles. - It is not very satisfying to win as a team, especially since your team can switch at the last moment, or you might not even know which side you are on. Would probably need to play a few times in a row and accurately track the wins per player. - We had to create a house rule to reduce table talk, else it would be too obvious who is who.