Word on the Street Junior


Word on the Street Junior brings the classic excitement of the original Word on the Street to the whole family in an easier more enjoyable game. Each turn, one team flips over a category card and team members quickly brainstorm words that fit the category. The team agrees on a word before the time runs out and then pulls each letter in that word one lane closer to their side of the street. The first team to pull eight letters off the street to their side wins. : Including easy-to-follow instructions and minimal pieces, this Word on the Street Junior game is perfect for players ages 8+ to get in on the game. Game night just got easier. Great for learning how to read, Word on the Street is just the game to teach all your little ones how to correctly spell words in a fun and engaging game. 108 cards with 216 categories, card tray, durable game board, 26 letter tiles, timer, and easy to follow instructions. 5 minutes to learn and 20 – 30 minutes to play per game.


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