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Still sitting on the shelve, waiting to be played....Trading away to make room for other games.


Just the one game so far and we were learning so I'm not really sure what to think of it.


Possibly the best of the Mask Trilogy: not too long, good decisions, opportunity for lots of clever moves--and the board looks really cool when you play.  Maybe a touch of downtime/AP like other games in this series, but overall very fun.


I got it because it was out of print and the reviews said it was a heavy game. I like it but I think Tikal is a more "fun" game. By fun, I mean more accessible to others to play with. I certainly like the spatial aspect to it but I have been lucky enough to play with quick players. Only played with 2 and a couple of solo rounds. Would like to try it with the sweet-spot of 3. Tried it with 3 now and it is really great. I think with the fourth player it would take an extra 30-45 min which may make it a bit too heavy time-wise but I would suggest playing this with a group of people that are not prone to AP. I can't believe we finished a game in 90 min (including rules explanation). The other 4 games took at least that long with 2. 2006-10-17 - Bought