Space Alert

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This game has so much potential but falls short in pretty much every area as it relates to gameplay. Neat components do not make a game for my house.


Less madcap, and hence probably less fun, than its real-time predecessor Galaxy Trucker. It is awfully fun nonetheless, and it offers a deliciously unique take on co-op games. It has a couple of personal strikes against it, though; a) I hate programmed actions. This is by far my favourite of them, but I hate the mechanic. b) I dislike games where tutorial sessions are mandatory. Despite being simple, there are lots of little details to Space Alert, and so the tutorial sessions are a must.


Just played through the tutorial at this point. The rules are confusing, as is the tutorial -- it says to play right away, but you have no idea what's what. Silly. This must be an issue with language translation. Have every intention of keeping at it... things make sense, but the curve is steep at first for sure. Will revise rating with more experience. UPDATE: Getting the hang of this. Needs more table time to be sure. This is a communication game more than anything else. It would serve as a wonderful corporate training tool.


Fun but stressful!


I really enjoyed playing through the first two training missions, but I'm unwilling to rate it until I've played the full game.


I really don't like these timed games w/soundtracks that have been coming out. I tried a few times and I just do NOT enjoy the experience at all. This is definitely a personal rating.


Rating after 1 play : Would like to play this again.


No Review Description


Based on Shut Up and Sit Down's review of it, I want to give the game the benefit of the doubt, but I just felt like the game is confusing and luck driven. It throws too much information at players with no way to process it all. It was not overwhelming, it was so much that I could not even start to process it, so I did not. I was too busy trying to make use of a hand that was almost entirely "go up in the elevator" and "hit A button".


My favorite co-op. There's nothing bad about this game.


My absolute favorite board game at the time of this rating.


Initial impression - certainly intrigued to explore more!


1-5, 30m




Protecting your scout ship from invaders, natural dangers, enemy ships, and traitorous saboteurs all in real time. Difficult coordination of player actions to manage energy, weapons and shields, battle bots, rockets, and fighters. Haven't played all the way to full missions, just simulations and test flights, but it was still fun. It seems like it might take too many practiced players to be rated higher.


Got this in a math trade, and so glad I did. The first game with new people will always be rough, but I just think this is such a cool concept.


Fun game, fast game, simple but hard to understand the mecanic because it is teambased and you need to take decision long ahead and then se how the game unfold. No realtime gameplay can be a turnoff for some. Its gets better when everyone knows how to play the game.


Space Alert is a havoc-filled communication puzzle. Players must coordinate actions across multiple rounds, neutralizing various threats, and among other things, keeping the computer awake. There are a lot of plates to spin, and everyone needs to be both independent and united for the team to succeed. While this is all well and good, it fails to coalesce into a 'fun' experience. Its certainly interesting, but all of the programmed actions culminate in a disappointingly mechanical resolution. After resolving the various actions and treats you simply win or you don't, with very little fanfare. While a real-time cooperative space bridge game is certainly an innovative premise, the lack of an appropriate climax leaves much to be desired.


(10/17) 7. Very interesting to see what I feel about this upon repeated plays. Usually I think I have a sense about which way I'm trending, but not on this one. I could see my ranking going up or down. On one had, I think I'd enjoy it more now that I have some experience with it. On the other hand, it's so chaotic that I also felt it was a little confused and jumbled.