Coven is an award-winning game of secret alignments for 3-5 players in which each player represents a Witch serving either the darkness or the light. Not only is your starting alignment secret, but each of the five non-player Goddesses has an unknown alignment as well. Gameplay is deceptively simple, with five possible actions as players traverse a circular board with an inner rotating pentagram, changing tactics with each rotation.

Coven presents an interesting strategic challenge: the side (Light or Dark) that scores the most Balance defeats the opposing side - but on the dominating side, only the Witch that scores the most Favor can win, so players must be careful not to invest too much in one while neglecting the other.

1 Goddess Board
1 Rotating Action Board
5 Character Mats
5 Hex Cards
15 Characters
5 Custom Miniatures
35 Artifact Cards
25 Balance Cards
6 Plastic Spindles
5 Punch Out Dials
10 Alignment Tokens
5 Ankh Tokens
20 Augury Tokens
50 Black Crystals
50 Clear Crystals

MSRP: $50.00

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