Capital Lux

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I love tableau building games and card-play in general! The more you play this game the more you can understand it's cleverness. It provides some very tense decisions. It's a bit "mathy" which may turn off some but honestly were talking about numbers that equal less than 15 here most of the time. If you have a decent memory you can deduce what cards your opponents have based on the draft which can lead to some very satisfying plays. This is one of the few games where I'll find myself with a stupid grin on my face after someone plays right into a "trap" you set.


2-4p Sleeves


(3/17) 8. Really enjoy this game. It feels Biblios-y to me, but I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe just because it's a tight, rules light, depth heavy card game? Which is a genre that I really do love, with Biblios and Arboretum being the reigning champs. I don't think Capital Lux is QUITE there, but it's not too far off. (10/17) 8. The third leg of the holy trinity that I see as Biblios/Arboretum/Capital Lux where you've just got a deck of cards and agonizing decisions just keep coming. However this is clearly the weakest of the three. Still that's pretty fantastic company.