The Lost Expedition

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Played itself out after 3 solo sessions. Amazing art, though.


It's ok. Not great. Cards are WAY TOO BIG to be functional and the artwork (while cited as justification for the oversized cards) is not better than art on standard cards. Would be better in a regular deck.


The the most heard complaint from my friends was that the game presented no challenge and we could win it 3 out of 4 times. Sadly, I can agree with them as often I couldn't decide whether I was missing some rules or the game was too easy. The over-sized cards are gorgeous, the iconography is simple and easily memorisable. Family-weight co-op game.


Perfect solo game, amazing 2-3 player game!


Great art and a solid puzzler. There is good theme woven into the game, and it is worth slowing down as you work through the option on the card to create a narrative based on your location, your forced action, and your options. The game is also often quite brutal e.g. even though your Specialist has a symbol that matches the need of the encounter card, they still lost a health. People die fast in this game, especially on solo. A great addition if you play/collect solo games.