The Lost Expedition


The Road to El Dorado
"The buzz of tiny wings fills your ears in an endless cacophony as you swat mosquitoes away from your face. One hand holds a compass, the other a machete as you hack your way through the thick underbrush toward what you believe to be your final destination. The remaining members of your expedition follow behind you, watching out for any dangers lurking in the jungle around you. All of a sudden, you hear the cry of a jaguar as it leaps from seemingly nowhere onto the path behind you. A fellow explorer pulls out their gun to defend themselves, but realizes they're out of bullets too late. The jaguar is upon them and they are defenseless. Another companion pulls out their pistol and fires a single shot into the jaguar's skull, but their comrade is already gone. The jungle has met their expedition with loss after loss, but they must keep moving forward. If they can find El Dorado, it will all be worth it in the end."
Experience the thrill and danger of the lost expedition of Percy Fawcett to find the city of El Dorado. Manage a party of explorers with their own expertise as you make your way through the Brazilian jungle in search of the fabled city of El Dorado in The Lost Expedtion!

Welcome to the Jungle
In The Lost Expedition the goal is to make your way through the jungle and find the city of El Dorado before succumbing to the many dangers. Each expedition begins with three explorers, each with their own health and field of expertise, as well as a shared pool of resources for the journey. Rounds consist of a morning and evening phase in which cards are played in a path the expedition will follow as they make their way through the jungle.
Each card has its own effects that range from costing you resources, demanding clever use of your explorers' expertise, or bringing harm to a member of your party. The threat of death lurks around every tree, and the game is lost if all the members of your exploring party are dead. So, do you have the knowhow and strength to make it to El Dorado alive?

Three Ways to Play
The Lost Expedtion can be played in three different ways! You and several friends can take on the challenges of the Brazilian jungle together, you can go head to head in competition with one other player, or you can forgo another player entirely and challenge yourself to a solo game. You're sure to have fun whichever way you decide to play!

In a Co-Op game, you and up to four other players can work together to find El Dorado. Each player will add cards to the path during the morning and evening phases. Each round will be lead by one of the players who will make final decisions regarding the fate of the explorers, and that mantle will pass at the beginning of a new round of play. Collaborate with the other players to reach the end of the game alive!

The Lost Expedition can also be played as a solitaire experience. You will alternate playing cards from the top of the deck and playing cards from your hand as you try to reach El Dorado before your expedition party is killed. Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to go it alone!

Head to Head
Finally, face off against another player with the Head-to-Head rules. It's a race to El Dorado or a fight to be the last alive as you form two paths with the other player and take turns picking which path you wish to follow. The first person to reach the city or the last one alive is the winner!

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