Battle for Rokugan

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I LOVE the chaos of this game. Simple hidden action selection and then the chaos that prevails once you flip those tiles over. I have heard some compare this game as a light version of Game of Thrones. It is area control and hidden actions. BoR plays much quicker. They are not the same, but I guess there are a couple of similarities. I enjoy this one a lot and think/talk about it for several days after we play.


This is how I wish more fighty games would be--the daggers start out, stay out, and it's hard to get hurt feelings when everything everyone does is a stab in the face. Infrastructure? What? [EDIT] I really like the game, but the clumsy scoring and wonky turn order issues seriously undermine a great design.


Simple, easy to teach and plays 5 nicely and (relatively) quickly. Very tense from start to finish as each token placement is important. Just the right amount of asymmetry. This is, esentially, Game of Thrones: Tokens: The Game, but shorter, less fiddlier and simpler. You will need to read the faq and forums though, as the rulebook leaves a lot of questions unanswered.


There are a lot of things I like about this game. There are however a few key design choices that really hold it back for. With a handful of tweaks this game could probably be an 8+ for me, but the overall lack of mitigation for bad tile draws and an issue I have with the catchup ability given to the first player put this firmly at a 6.


I really enjoyed this until we had a couple poor games that just came down to the final round, and not due to any particularly climactic decisions. The game is literally only scored at the end, so the first couple rounds can often feel superfluous. It's not bad by any stretch but it's not really the game it presents itself as.


Bland colors, mediocre tokens, tedious and a bore.


So far, I have very much enjoyed my plays of the game at 2p. My wife, however, does not enjoy the take-that, conflict aspect of the game. So, it doesn't hit the table as much as I would like. The aspects that I love are simplicity in setup, some asymmetry in faction powers, hidden action selection, area control, and especially the bluffing mechanic. I like how the theme comes through in the board, token, and card art. Another bonus is that the game does not take very long to play, 60-90min. Really want to get a play in at a higher player count, which will surely add variability to game play and more player interaction.