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Carcassone but better. It's lighter, faster, yet still deep and challenging. The co-operative nature makes it a friendlier light game experience. Most importantly, the cards are much less fiddly than Carcassone's tiles. You can always fit them together, only your strategy dictates where you'll place them. Really brilliant game. One of my favorite light games.


A very fun spatial puzzle. The modular mini-expansions add some cool twists.


If you've ever wanted to be as cool as that Mark guy from the first two seasons of Parks and Rec, but didn't want to spend the time and money going to school for ... regional planning (maybe?) then Sprawlopolis is the game for you! Okay, that doesn't sound that cool, but I promise that the game is! This awesome wallet game takes only 18 cards and makes them into a thought-provoking game where you need to strategize accordingly to please the city officials, and not make too many mistakes! Let's take a look! https://settleroftheboards.weebly.com/home/sprawlopolis


I like it. I do like circle the wagons more though, and they play out in a similar fashion.