Claustrophobia 1643 board game
Claustrophobia 1643 board game

Claustrophobia 1643

Claustrophobia 1643 is a miniatures-based survival game set within the catacombs.

The box contains miniatures which are placed on large tiles showing the dungeon spaces. Also included are character dashboards, counters and markers, and dice.

One player controls a small group of determined humans, while the other plays an almost unending army of demonic creatures. The game is thematic and highly asymmetric: human characters are stronger, but the demon characters are more numerous. Gameplay is very straightforward with a minimum of rules, and each game plays in an hour or less.

In essence dice are allocated after rolling to perform actions, while cards or special abilities are also available. The game is about managing decisions and choosing what to do with the resources that you have, managing difficult events and out-thinking your opponent. Combat is handled by dice.
Complexity is low, with the focus on theme and building towards a tense, climactic ending.

Claustrophobia is played through scenarios of which there are several in the rulebook (20). Generally speaking the human characters are attempting to complete a task (e.g. escape the catacombs, close a portal) while the demons are focused on stopping them. There are varying win conditions depending on the scenario chosen.

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  • The gameplay elements--more choices for the human, more trade-offs and less luck for the demon--are for the good. Visually, the game is a step back.
  • 1st day we broke this out we played 4 games. The demons won the 1st and 2nd scenario. I knew I had to be doing something wrong, so we replayed the 2nd scenario...still took the L. We decided to switch sides and play scenario 2 one more time but the humans just couldn't make it happen. The game definitely feels a little imbalanced, but it didn't matter, we had a blast and I can't wait to get it back on the table!!
  • Solid asymmetrical 1v1 Dungeon Crawler with plenty of different scenarios. Not too complicated or deep and plays quite fast. Great gateway game for this type of genre. However the price tag is a bit heavy for non miniature fans, so if you're looking for an epic dungeon crawler with an immersive storyline, with plenty of characters to choose from, look elsewhere.
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