Notre Dame

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I like the constant fight for resources on three different fronts - cubes, money and rats. I fear that there is a strong problem if somebody makes a mistake or gets very unlucky early in the game. The runaway loser problem where one player can get mired in a death spiral and unable to climb out while all the other opponents run away. Hopefully, it has been an unusual experience. Very nice playtime to fun ratio. Very fast turns and decisions are often fast to make leading to very little downtime. The ending is a bit anti-climatic as the game ends suddently with no final surge of points. Going to the Notre Dame cathedral seems under-powered.


en el medio notredame, el los borden los tableros de cada jugador, todos los turnos se hacen acciones con cartas.


18 - tld auction


About 60-75 minutes. Seemed interesting at first but nothing really to crow about.


Cool game. All about optimization. Maybe not the easiest to teach to non-gamer types, though.


Notre Dame is yet another flavorless point salad from Feld. Its obvious from the start, that specializing in a few buildings is optimal, and keeping tabs on the plague is key. Aside from that, the game is straightforward and uninteresting. Strangely, the board itself is the best part of the game. The way they sectors can be reoriented to suit each play size is an incredible design, but the board is essentially unnecessary. Other than the extraneous carriage movement, the board serves no purpose, other than looking drab. Unless you happen to be a Feld completionist, stay away.


(2/17) 8. Another case for the argument that I'm actually a Feld fan. Really enjoy this one. The card drafting, the movement along the modular board, the worker placement. Just a very rich game. (10/17) Drop to 7. Just haven't played it in a while. Want to!