Kill Doctor Lucky (Anniversary Edition)

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Its great but you do need to be in the mood. And I can't find a way to force attempts on his life and stop people hoarding cards to win. Must try the variants...


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I always have fun playing this, but it is not really a great game. It has a bit of Munchkinitis to it where everyone picks on the leader. Also like Munchkin it goes on a bit long. I do not know if I could get people to play it with me at this point. I mostly keep the copy I have for nostalgia and because it does not really take up any space.


Original Cardstock Edition!


It's not a bad game but it does take a long time. Not one for me to play again.


2006 Since seeing this mentioned on a few geeklists I was curious enough to buy it without really reading any serious reviews. Even with only playing it four times since buying it that decision isn't one I regret. Now that I've had my fifth game I seem to have reached the point of not being interested anymore. A sixth play with five or six completely new people and I had fun again. I don't think I'll be playing much more but with new people it seems a fun diversion. 2015 I've played a few more times with the new release with "proper" board and pieces etc. The game isn't better but it does look nicer and while playing with people that enjoy it I also enjoy myself.