Prepare the Goblins! The Zombies have arrived!
Fighter Zombie, Thief Zombie, Wizard Zombie, oh my....

The Zombies will move towards your Village. If a Zombie can go through the Village Gate, you lose. You must coordinate the Goblins to defend your beloved Village. The Village Gate has space for only 3 Goblins at a time, so choose your Goblins carefully!

Goblins vs Zombies is a Tower Defense card game for 1-3 Players. It takes around 15 minutes per player.

Goblins vs Zombies has:
- 16 kinds of Zombies in 3 types: Ground, Flying, Invisible;
- 23 kinds of Goblins;
- 5 Modes of Play: solo, cooperative and competitive;
- a total of only 106 cards, a BIG game in a small box!

The 5 Modes of Play are:
Mode A: Training. A co-op introduction game for 1-3 Players to learn how to play the game.
Mode B: Last Stand. A struggling solo game. Double the Zombie, double the fun!
Mode C: Survival. A competitive game for 2 or 3 Players. Do your best to send the Zombies in your Field to other Field, and be the last Player standing to win the game.
Mode D: The Boss. A co-op game for 1-3 Players. All Players must work together to destroy the Boss.
Mode E: Goblins vs Zombies. A head to head game for 2 Players. Who will win, Goblins or Zombies?

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Goblins vs Zombies

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