Hostage Negotiator

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by afjb

Fun solitaire game that plays out in about 20 minutes or so. Some decent strategy is needed but bad dice rolls will force you to lose no matter what. You can alter the game rules slightly to make it a bit easier so as not to get too frustrated. Good filler game at lunch -- it definitely can create a tense environment while you are trying to save the hostages!


Hostage Negotiator is just another dice fest. Chuck dice and hope for the best is a pretty poor way to enter a hostage negotiation, but the game offers few tools to mitigate luck, leaving the negotiator crossing their fingers. The theme is actually well implemented for such a light game, its a shame it comes attached to such a shoddy foundation.


Was an 8. Increased to a 9. The more you play the game, the more nuances come out, especially timing and strategies for the final round.