Something Wicked board game
Something Wicked board game

Something Wicked

Magic wands you use to throw, into the caustic boiling stew, the items of a witches brew! In Something Wicked, players become witches gathered around a large plastic cauldron. Using Bubble, Toil, and Trouble actions to move and take plastic wands from the cauldron, as well as getting other witches to match their moves, the witch that has taken thirteen wands of the same color becomes the most wicked witch!


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I've gotten a bunch of new games played this week so far, and I'm hoping to get more done!

#Last-Second Quest
I've played this one both 2 & 3-player so far. The kids have a lot of fun with it, but I can see it wearing thin fairly quickly. Reviewed.

#Fight Your Friends
I wasn't as impressed with this one on the first play as much as I am watching my kids play it and taking their time with deck construction and planning. Light, simple, cheap. Reviewed

#Skully Bunnies
For as weird as this game is, it's the one I most enjoy out of the bunch. It's simple enough, but has a good amount of strategy will action cards. This is the one the kids have been begging me to play more of, and I'm sure it'll be a hit with them for a while. Not yet reviewed.

#Something Wicked
Breaking Games' newest. It looks more like a toy but is really light, family-friendly, and fun. Very, very simple. Try to get 13-14 (depending on the number of players) of the same color wands into your hand using 1 of 3 actions on your turn. You can never take the same action more than twice in a row. Nothing to write home about, just a simple mass-market game that provides some silliness. Not yet reviewed.


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