To Court the King

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Really fun mix of strategy, luck and push your luck. I will definitely make a PNP version and might buy a copy if it gets re-released.


Not bad, but not great either. I feel as if the end is quite contrived. I bought this having seen Mr. Lehmann designed it, but this isn't one of his better titles to be honest (an opinion only). I love Race for the Galaxy, but this simply isn't of the same pedigree.


Very good dice game, easy to teach


Interesting influence mechanic. Kingsburg without the winter attack. Fun to roll lots of dice.


Excellent game for those that like dice games, especially Yahtzee. The game is also great as a solitaire game using any of the varients.


juego tipo cacho, poker pero con dados


Yahtzee with special powers where you start with 3 dice and slowly add extra dice and reroll abilities based on what you roll. Very fun, though downtime can be annoying with larger numbers of players, and I suspect that once you get a few decent reroll powers and extra dice, there's not much more to think about.


Monotonous strategy. The best path to victory seems easy to find and other paths lead there too seldom.


Great game. Very smooth but unforgiving engine builder. A bit hard to catch up, but game goes at a very good pace.


Another fun dice game. The powers seem balanced and the power progression is quite fun.


(3/17) 6. Roll your dice, gain powers through those rolls that allow you to further manipulate your dice until one player "Courts the King" and then one final roll off! Fun, and it gives you choices, I just don't know how compelled I'd necessarily be to play it again, though I definitely would. (10/17) Drop to 5.