Lost Legends

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After two plays, it is an okay game. I had fun playing it even though I lost miserably. The rulebook is horrible, and there are a lot of things that just are not clear. I can see that this game could get stale after a few more plays. If en expansion is released with updated rules and many more cards, I will most likely rate this higher.


Pretty good drafting game that was immediately overlooked. Sadly that means it won't get any expansions which I feel it needed.


Lost Legends is to Fairy Tale (and the execrable 7 Wonders to a lesser extent, as well) as Thunderstone is to Dominion. For me, that's high praise. It's drafting with a purpose--you know what you're fighting, and so gone is some of the random screwage that drafting games sometimes fall into. I like it a lot. Time will tell if it's got legs.