Fabled Fruit

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by paka

Frieses another very cool idea and it works wonders. Easy to teach and fun to play. Quick aswell, as so far we played at least twice each time.


Our initial impression wasn't great...lackluster cartoon animals doing basic card game actions? I'm so glad we stuck it out though - by the end of the second game we couldn't wait to see what came next. The best description I have for this game is that it's like playing five games of Dominion in a row, all at once. Or "like Harbour, only fun". Even though the actions are basic, the fact that they constantly change keeps you engaged and the mystery cards/actions still to come are perpetually exciting. We're down into the last 10 or so animals and have enjoyed every game! The Fable gimmick is nice, even if it is transparent. Each animal could have been its own deck and then each game you could select eight animals with two in reserve or something like that, but having them be a guided tour is much more fun. When we make it all the way through we might do random combinations but we've gotten plenty of enjoyment out of it as designed.


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Didn't get to see it evolve, as I only played once, but it seemed cute and inoffensive.


Opened, played, great condition.


2-5 players (best 4) 20-30 minutes


by 3z

Like new


Cute and playful. May get better as the deck changes and more variety is added in.


Its not too bad, a bit light. The rotating cards are neat, but the core game is not interesting enough in my opinion.


Fun, but probably much better with more than two players. Can't wait till the kids are a little older and can play this one with us.


(12/16) 8. First play, light but with interesting choices to be made. The "Fable" system is a nice hybrid between traditional and legacy games. Looking forward to more plays. (10/17) Drop to 7. Ugh! Just haven't played it in so long. Why?!?


A very interesting take on a campaign format. You can't get through the whole deck in one sitting, and as you work through the deck the card combinations constantly change.