Fury of Dracula (Third and Fourth Editions)

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After two plays and two different draculas, I can't say I want to play it again. The game to me is way, way too long for what it is and I don't really feel like I'm doing much for most of the game, and I don't consider moving and buying tickets to be much. The main engagement element seems to be deducing where Dracula is with other players and then moving, and that's fine, but not nearly enough for it's 4+ hours playtime.




This is a great game. Very thematic. Very tense and balanced. In the first three 2 player games Dracula has won but it has been very, very close with multiple confrontations happening. I think 3 people would be the ideal player count. The only issue is that it does go pretty long. Previously owned because I gave my copy to a friend for Christmas but I get to play it with them so it's almost as good!


Good game. Playing as dracula is particularly fun, and the mechanism for tracking your locations is interesting. I could see it being less fun for the rest of the players, though, and the game length is a bit long and inconsistent.


Borrowed this from a friend. I've not yet played a full game of this. But it's really fun so far. I would say the ideal number of players would be three. One to play Dracula, and two hunter-players. Each hunter-player would control 2 legendary vampire hunters each. I playtested/learned the game with just me and my brother and 4 hunters to one person seemed a bit much. A single hunter per player (in a 5-player game) seemed too limiting. Hunters get 2 actions per day and get to carry a limited number of items. Meanwhile, even though Dracula only gets a single action each day (nighttime phase), he gets a whole arsenal of timed traps that are waiting for an unsuspecting hunter. In addition, he has super powers and there are even events that might spring up and give him more opportunities to escape or defeat hunters. My one gripe is that there is no real quicker way to play. With everything Dracula sets out, on a 6-turn incubation period, it will be several turns before anything significant happens in favor of Dracula. And there aren't many ways to corner Dracula, so intensity of interactions never felt that dire to me. We played about 2.5 hours before calling it quits. It's definitely a fun game but I'm not sure I'd want to play any role other than Dracula in future sessions.


Fantastic streamlining of original game. Long, but doesn't feel long. Suspenseful and tense. The new combat system is simultaneous selection, which I love.


I think this game is very cool and well made, but it is definitely not for everyone, especially my brother...




Our annual Halloween game. It drags a little at the start when Dracula is still hidden - however, once the case is on, the highs are really high. Some of my favourite board game moments are of this game.


A great, dark brooding experience that really feels like a story about chasing dracula. Takes the right crowd, but good fun.


Really, really love the new reprint of this even though I have second ed. also. I think this one will see a ton of play with my group.