Police Precinct


Police Precinct is a cooperative/semi-cooperative game where players are tasked with solving the mysterious murder of the district attorney while simultaneously working the streets - arresting criminals and helping citizens to keep the city from falling into chaos. Players take on the role of police officers with different areas of expertise. The players work together to solve the mystery by collecting evidence and eventually arresting the suspect (with a possible chase involved). Complicating matters is that the city is alive. Other crime is happening and must be dealt with as well - various emergencies such as car accidents robberies and assaults suddenly occur and calls for police attention while street crime in the rough neighborhoods continue to slowly grow if not dealt with as well. Also there may or may not be a corrupt officer that is being paid off by the murderer to suppress evidence the same evidence everyone else is trying to uncover. Players move around the six city blocks searching through randomly shuffled investigation cards for evidence for the murder. The number of investigation cards drawn depends on the character?s rating as well as how many player cards are added by the current player or other players to boost the character?s rating for the current ?search?. Also patrolling officers can be called in to intensify the investigation. There are four decks of investigation cards (Interview Witness Collect Crime Scene Evidence Examine Body and Locate Murder Weapon) to be searched. These decks are shuffled and split each section being placed at a different location. So a player might search the cards in one area and not find any evidence at all? or maybe the bribed cop if there is one did the searching and just said no evidence was found? the cards searched are shuffled with any remaining cards at that location and placed back down. Players have to find a total of thirteen evidence cards from the invest

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