Mission: Red Planet

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Awesome area control/hidden roll game. I love just the fact of fighting for control on the planet mar, plus the fact of trying to figure out which card someone is going to play. Such a great game and plays really fast, and is never a dull moment when playing this game.


With the right people, this has been a laugh a minute. I will never forget one particular game of this at the WBC in 2009. I can't remember any time when I laughed as hard or as long. A wonderful experience... even if I finished last or close to last.


Combines area control elements of El Grande with role selection element of Citadels in a fun, accessible way.


Role selection and area control. Apart from one game I've completely failed to do well at this game, and yet I continue to enjoy it. (Theme helps.) I think there's probably a couple of the roles that I still I haven't chosen to use which may be part of my problem.


Entertaining game, but a little too chaotic for me. I would play again, since I tend to like area control games and role selection. But the chaos factor will keep it out of my collection.


{1play, 5p} It was an ok experience but there was just something that was missing for me.