Tongiaki: Journey into the Unknown

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So, it looks like you have choices, but that is largely illusory--the chaos undermines any attempt at good play. But it looks like you can optimize your move, which means everyone takes far too long on their turn. I hate games like that. As a special bonus, this boasts a terrible end-game mechanic which relies on counting to see if there are 16 land or water tiles out. Boo.


This seems bland to me. Will have to give this more of a chance.


It's a light filler, nothing more. Some strategy is possible but mostly you're just reacting to what previous people did. It is however good as a filler.


I really like this as a two player game.


Rating after 2 plays. I was not playing too well at all. I played with a group of 6 and a group of 3. With 3 players, it was too analytical and that particular analysis was not something intuitive to me. As well, our game took about 1 hour. With 6 it was absolute chaos and the game finished in about 20 minutes. Personally, for this game, I would much rather prefer chaos to the hard analysis. However, it would warrant more plays (though I suspect my rating won't change that much). 2010-05-14 - Bought 2010-05-17 - Rating from 6->7.5; strategies are great with 2-3 players. 2017-02-01 - Sold GeekMarket