No Retreat! The Russian Front


No Retreat: The Russian Front is a new Deluxe Edition of the two-player Victory Point Games 2008 Charles S. Roberts Award Nominee wargame that retells the story of the titanic struggle between the invading armies of Nazi Germany versus Communist Russia during World War II. No Retreat! is designed to be both player-friendly and manageable in terms of scope and difficulty level.

This Deluxe Edition combines both the original game and its two extensions (Na Berlin! and No Surrender!) and 7 scenarios, using Deluxe quality game components. With only 50 Army/Front sized counters for the Tournament Game, and 70 for whole Campaign, and with a very low stacking level, it's a quick-playing game, yet a realistic affair that favors the strategic and offensive-minded player.

Each turn is alight with intriguing on-board challenges, plus the surprise of card hand Events as players vie to win in one of three different ways.

It is a skillfully blended collation of classic hex-based wargaming, and modern car-driven simulations. No Retreat! is truly story-centric, providing the proper feel of sweeping maneuvers, exploitation, and encirclements across the vast steppes and forests of Russia. With a simple, yet innovative economic model, players will also feel the growing might and sophistication of the Soviet Red Army, and the degradation of the once invincible German Wehrmacht, over the epic four year sweep of time that this merciless campaign was fought.

1 Mounted Map
2 Counter Sheets
1 Deck of 55 Playing Cards
Rule/Scenario Book
Player Aid Cards
2 Six-sided Dice

MSRP: $65.00

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