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Some insist that Oceans is only tangentially related to the Evolution game series. The similarity in core card play and the parallels in theme, have left me with few real life scenarios in which selecting Oceans over Evolution: Climate was in Ocean's favour or wasn't arbitrary altogether.Ocean's design philosophy is as strange as the game is good. Evolution's focus on simultaneous play feels like a unique culmination of interactivity, strategic depth, and engaging gameplay, within a concise duration. Oceans feels oddly defiant in the way that it favours conventional gameplay structure, in the stead of furthering Evolution's foundational strengths. Still, Oceans impresses with it's replay variety, incredible artwork, and air tight engine building.


If you enjoy animal themes or thematic engine builders, this game is for you. It feels similar to its predecessor, Evolution, but more refined in some ways. Beautiful art and tight gameplay make this one a winner for me.