Cthulhu Wars: Windwalker Expansion


The Windwalker is a new and unusual Faction, featuring Ithaqua, God of Outer Space. Windwalker is most dangerous in the late game, when his mighty army, fueled by Arctic Winds, his Howl, and Ice-Age Spellbooks dominates play. He is served by the dread Gnoph-Keh, strong Monsters whose costs lessens the more numerous they become, setting up a feedback loop that other players are wise to take note of. Windwalker also includes Rhan-Tegoth, immortal Harbinger of the Outer Gods - so you have two Great Old Ones to bolster your strategy.

If this is your only expansion, you can use it to bump up your Cthulhu Wars game to incorporate five players! Or just play the normal two to four player game, only with Windwalker as one of your Faction options. The Windwalker can be used with any other expansions in any combination.

Rule Book
Faction Card
2 Marker Figures
6 Spellbooks
1 Ithaqua Figure
1 Rhan Tegoth Figure
6 Acolyte Cultist Figures
4 Wendigo Figures
4 Gnoph-Keh Figures
1 Ice Age Figure

MSRP: $49.99

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